On Workers' Rights

Commitment to protect workers rights and ensure ethical working conditions. 

Only 2% of the world’s worldwide garment workers are believed to earn a living wage. At Joyride Supply we value the fair treatment of the employees who produce our garments and hand-pick the factories we partner with based on this goal. It is part of our mission to guarantee that the people who make our garments are always paid a fair living wage and are treated with respect and dignity.. To facilitate this mission, we regularly conduct in person factory visits.

We have chosen our factory partners, many of which we have long-standing relationships with, because of how they prioritize the well-being of their employees. In addition, many of the factories we work with are female run and have multi-year relationships with their workers.

What is our commitment?

  • All workers producing Joyride Supply products will be guaranteed a living wage. This might result in a slightly higher price of goods, but we believe it is worth that cost to ensure a fair wage for those that create our garments.
  • Joyride Supply collaborates with our makers to support continued development and training. We will continue to add to this goal as the business grows and we develop more ways to give back.